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one. i just got a jury duty form in the mail. after i filled it out, i read these directions, "for your convenience, you may use this same sheet to return your questionnaire. just fold flap B over the top of flap A so the Jury Board mailing address appears in the sender area and place postage in the upper right corner. please tape to seal, affix postage and drop in the mailbox. no extra envelope needed."

so, not only am i most likely going to be summoned for jury duty, but I HAVE TO PAY POSTAGE TO SEND IT BACK TO THEM. when's the last time that you were annoyed with "the man"?

two. if you don't care about that, what songs do you think are overdone at karaoke bars? it seems that EVERY TIME i go, someone sings "what i got", "date rape", hero", "sweet caroline" and the like.

i always try my best to sing songs that people usually don't sing, but i'd love for some suggestions. my favorites are "it's tricky", "if i had a hammer", "hurts so good", "lip gloss", "just what i needed", things of that nature. so, i like some rap songs, lots of singer-songwriter stuff and some folk. i think tonight i might do "king of wishful thinking" because it's SUCH a good song that i can't handle not singing it.

three. if you don't care about that either, do you have a meal that, when you're done eating it, it feels like a rock (a good rock) in your belly and you end up feeling satisfied? think like thanksgiving dinner but something that you can make every day. those are my favorite kind of meals, and i'd like to make them more often. my favorite contains mashed potatoes. what's in your dish?
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