meaghan (ohohmeaghan) wrote in thequestionclub,

guys i have been basically absent from tqc for like a month and a half because i was working 40 hours a week without my computer. then i got my wireless fixed and now i get to bring my laptop! how exciting is this? i don't think anyone noticed i was gone but i am so glad to have you guys back!

the front door to this office locks and people ring the buzzer and i hit numbers on my phone to open the door. yesterday i tried letting a guy in twice and my phone said the door was open but he couldn't handle it. i could also see him through a window. will you tell me something hilariously awkward that happens to you at work?

today i dropped my laundry off at the laundromat in front of my office. people are going to wash, dry, and fold two loads of my laundry while i sit here on livejournal. what teeny stupid thing is making your day awesome today?

most importantly! - what ever happened to the girl who had the crying bitch roommate in the kitchen yesterday?
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