Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Grim poll

Poll #1359109 Based on the French horror movie Room of Death

You and a friend are driving along, with you behind the wheel. You take a blind turn faster than you should have and suddenly you feel a thump. You stop the car and check out what the deal is. You see a man in a fine business seat lying underneath your tires, dead on impact. You and your friend panic and freak out and contemplate what to do. As you analyze the situation, your friend notices that the businessman had a duffle bag. When opened, you find within it $5,000,000. Your friend urges you to drive off with the money and pretend it never happened. No one saw you (it's really late at night), you can't help the man and you'd only be compromising your own future if you called the police, and he obviously won't need the money anymore. What do you do?

Turn myself in and give the money over to the police, so it can be returned to his family
Turn myself in, but not before having my friend run off and hide the money. I'll say that I never saw any money. It'll be easier to serve my manslaughter sentence knowing I have millions waiting for me
Do as my friend says. We drive off and keep the money. I place an anonymous phone call to the police, letting them know where to find the body
Same as above, except I mail half or a portion of the money to his family. I keep the rest
It's possible they may be able to do forensics on the body, and track the incident to my car. I dispose of the body before keeping the moolah

For those of you that took the money...you hear on the news the next day that a little girl who was being held hostage was found dead. Apparently, her ransom was never paid when her father was killed in a reported hit-and-run, where the money went missing. What do you do now?

Well, shit. That sucks. Nothing that can be done about it now. I make a donation to a charity for abused kids to help ease my conscience
I give all the money back to the family now, anonymously
I give all the money back and turn myself in. I can't live with this guilt
Life's unfair sometimes. I keep all the money. What's done is done and there's no point trying to change fate
Hire the best detectives and hunter mercenary types to find this kidnapper and bring him to justice. I keep the rest of the money
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