twizsmiz (shananagems) wrote in thequestionclub,

Keep your butts to yourself!

 I live in an apartment! A couple of months ago, some people moved in below us (a mother and her twenty-something son). We're the only two apartments facing the woods. We have a small yard in front of our apartments that we share. Anyway, the guy sits on their front deck and smokes ciggarettes. I don't care about the smoking, but I DO care that he throws the butts out into the yard. There are now at least 100 butts in the yard directly in front of the porch.  My dog isn't the brightest crayon in the box and I'm scared he might eat one, in addition to the fact that it looks really trashy. I'd mention it to them, but they're the type that do not even respond when you say "hello" when passing on the sidewalk. Do I call the landlord? Do I pick them all up, put them in a coffee can, buy them some ash-trays and leave a note that says NO BUTTS IN THE YARD PLEASE (my mother's passive-agressive suggestion)? Srs and non-srs suggestions, please! 
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