Katzies (katzies) wrote in thequestionclub,

OK, this one is sort of inspired by the new Harry Potter book but is actually about bookbinding or printing or whatever.

I think it was Friday when I saw a HBP spoiler in some LJ community, it was a scan of page 606 and it gave away the name of the person who died and the murderer. I'm assuming that it was a scan of the US edition because the page layout looked different from my UK edition (page numbers on the bottom of the page instead of the top left/right corner) but that was not what confused me: My book only has 607 pages, the text that I saw in that scan appears on page 566... Can anybody explain? I understand that the cover art is different, I don't know the reason for it though, but why that difference in printing? Different book size / font size standards over there and here?

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