Queen of Hyperbole (dragonjaze) wrote in thequestionclub,
Queen of Hyperbole

Yours, mine, ours?

Validate me, TQC. 

My boyfriend is buying a house.  Finally, after 2 months of us looking and failed offers, his offer was accepted last night, and we have a signed contract.

Well, actually, HE has a signed contract, and that's where the problem is.  I am not on the loan, I am not providing any of the up-front cash (unless it's an emergency at the closing table), but I will be paying a yet-as-undetermined portion of the monthly payment.  I will be living there, after all.

My issue is that he wouldn't be buying a house if I weren't so crazy and determined to get out of my aunt's house.  I know I am the only reason he is buying a house, even though he swears that he thinks it's a good idea anyway and blah, blah, blah...  I spent many months convincing him, and now suddenly he thinks it's a great idea?  whatever...

TL;DR  My question is this:  The man is buying a house for us, so why do I feel like I will need to ask permission to move furniture or buy plants or do any of the normal "this is my home" kind of things?   Am I being silly? 

Or, you can just tell me to suck it up and get over it, the man IS BUYING A HOUSE FOR YOU!
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