Kit Kat LeNoir (raptorgirl) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kit Kat LeNoir

Job app help

I'm applying for this writer/editor position at a college, and I have to send in two writing samples. Thing is, I haven't done much formal writing for years--at least, not stuff that is published publicly. Just LJing and some private company stuff that I couldn't take with me when I left.

I have one sample down. For the other one, should I use:

a) A college newspaper article I wrote years ago, or
b) A recent LJ post that is well-written, topical, and witty? (I'd be pasting this into Word, not linking them to my blog.)

The first one is proper journalism, but it's ancient. Like eight years old.
The second one shows my personality, but I'm afraid they'll ask for a link to my blog, and I'd rather not give that out.

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