Kellie (efiltaeluri) wrote in thequestionclub,

exactly what does a bar back do? i assume that they're the bartender's bitch person, getting new glasses and restocking all the liquor, stuff like that. is there anything really obvious that i'm missing?

have any of you ever had a job as a bar back? did you make decent money? do you and the bartender share tips?

i'm looking at an ad on craigslist and all it says is "Local night club is looking for a student to work one or two days a week being a runner/barback at the Necto night club. We are accepting applications in person ONLY. Monday - Wednesdays, 12 noon - 5 pm.", so it's not like i can call and ask more questions about it.

if you don't care about that, was there ever a time that you've been to see a medical/otherwise professional and you thought that you knew more than them? if so, what was the instance?
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