Rock this Bitch (jesus__suburbia) wrote in thequestionclub,
Rock this Bitch

So I've had lower back pain for a few weeks now, close to a month. I didn't go to a doctor at first because I assumed it would go away, but now it's getting worse, and I can't get an MRI or a CT with out paying $75 and going through hoops with my insurance, so I am waiting until I go home in 2 weeks to get it looked at. In the meantime, I've been taking NSAIDs like no one's business.

I had a test today, and I was rushing through it because sitting down hurt my back too bad. I'm afraid my grade was directly effected by my back. Should I shoot my prof an email now, or wait for the exam grade to be posted? I'm just concerned because I got a C on the last test (because I didn't study), and I don't want her to think I'm full of shit.
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