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random questions...

1.  what is the weirdest song lyric (or set of song lyrics) you've ever heard/seen?

i love foxy shazam, but this is just plain weird:

how 'bout i piss in your butthole/how about i admire your eyes?

2.  what is your favorite thing to wear around the house?  be specific.

any pair of pj's and my fuzzy green robe.  or my husband's red hoodie.

3.  how do you feel about immigration laws?  harsh or not harsh enough?

i hate them.  way too harsh.  it's destroyed my husband's family and i fear it will destroy ours as well.

4.  did you watch csi: miami tonight?  how did you feel about the big 'next level'?

it was cute, but i was thoroughly disappointed.  i've been waiting what, 7 seasons for that?  i dun think so!
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