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I want to extend a previous post that was made about finding your boyfriend or girlfriend the most physically attractive person.
I think it got a bias response because he made fun of unattractive people and other reasons, not alot of explaining. Anyway...

When you are in love, do you only have eyes for your person? even though you know deep down their not the most physically attractive person in the whole world (Because models & celebrities also live on this planet) do you still find them the most attractive to you personally because your in love with them? I do yet my boyfriend and most others dont because its unnatural and impossible to be with the most attractive person apparently. But even if they dont have that perfect face structure, your ideal hair etc, how are they not the most attractive to you? that person has the lips you kiss, the eyes you look at when your happy, the eyes that you look at while your doing the dirty, sharing moments etc, how can that not be the face or body that you would most want to look at?
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