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I was wondering if you guys would be willing to help me out. My brother apparently doesn't know anyone else besides me who goes to college, and he needs to interview at least another two people who do. I'd appreciate it a whole damn lot if some of you could fill out this questionnaire.

1) What college/university do you go to?

2.) What do you think is the hardest thing about college?

3.) What do you think of the teachers at the university?

4.) Does the university have clubs for certain subjects like science and history?

5.) What is the cost of a dorm at the college if it has any?

6.) What advice would you give to anyone who is just starting college?

7.) How many students are there in a typical class?

8.) How are you able to pay for your college attendance fees?

9.) How is college different from high school?

10.) High schools have counselors, but does college have an equivalent?

11.) How did you decide on your major? Have you changed majors?

Or, if you're bored by this, what bizarre, non-edible things make you hungry?
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