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OK, so I don't only need Dr. TQC, I also need Academic Advisor TQC.

On Wednesday I went to the ER with the worst headache ever, they did a CT scan which showed nothing, but the doctor kind of pushed and recommended a lumbar puncture to make sure there was nothing wrong. I was in pain, I wanted to know what was wrong, so I went along with it. The lumbar puncture was not to drain fluid, it was to get some test samples.

Come Thursday - the only thing I can do without pain is lying on my back. If I sit up or stand up, I once again get the worst headache ever. I take the tylenol 3s they gave me, but they don't really help.

Today is Monday - I'm still feeling just as shitty.

What's wrong with me?!?!

Now, Academic Advisor TQC, here's where you come in:

I had an essay due last Wednesday. I had it done, but was unable to hand it in due to my being in the ER. The Dr. filled out a medical certificate citing my 'illness' as lasting for 24 hours. I thought I'd be able to hand in my essay the next day and all would be good. Not the case. I've been pretty much bed-ridden since Thursday, and I have no good friends who'd drop stuff off for me.

Today, I tried going to hand it in but getting up and walking around for more than 10 mins resulted in throwing up everything and then some. I have the dumb and didn't think to e-mail my TA everything on Thursday.

What do I do?
I don't want to lose marks on this essay 'cause I can't physically hand it in. Do I go back to the ER and get another medical certificate to cover my ass?
try talking to my awesome TA?
should I go to the ER anyway 'cause having a headache for 5 days isn't normal?

Also - I have other things due tomorrow and Thursday, which I can type up fine 'cause I can be lying down and typing on my laptop as I am right now, but idk.

for those not into other people's problems:

will you tell me about a time you were sick/feeling ill at a really inopportune time?
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