Chelsea (6vindicated6) wrote in thequestionclub,

In a couple of weeks my boyfriend, his mom and aunt, and I are going to NYC. His mom and aunt live in Wisconsin and they've never been to the east coast before. They want to take a day [or 2 day] trip out of Manhattan to go somewhere [preferably] less than 2 hours away. They considered Boston but decided it would be too much of a hassle [they were going to stop at my place in Connecticut before heading up there]. Now they want to go to Bethel, NY [where Woodstock was held]. But I looked up Bethel and it doesn't seem like there's really much to do there except go to where Woodstock was and look around.

Where would be a good place to go on a couple day trip that is less than 2 hours away from Manhattan? Or should we just go to Bethel?
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