existencialismo (existencialismo) wrote in thequestionclub,

I buy a lot of different berries and fruit that come in the thin plastic clear boxes with tiny holes on the side.

I have like at least 8-10 of these things that are thrown out weekly but I really hate throwing them away, so there must be something that I can do w/ them. And YES I already know that I should try to stop buying produce in them, but sometimes it's unavoidable

I have started to grow my own herbs and I was thinking that I could use them to sprout the seeds in, but some of them have holes that are a little too big on the side for irrigation, also I don't really want to use such flimsy plastic for growing organic plants because I don't want anything from the plastic to leach into the soil.

I could use these things for keeping random things in it, but I don't want extra clutter around the house

do any of you have any other suggestions?

By the way are there any sites with any suggestions on how to reuse household items that are regularly thrown away? I am just really trying to cut down on the garbage and have already begun to compost but I need some other creative things to do with stuff I just toss

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