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What's worst, unfriending an old friend on facebook without giving them a reason for it, or opening up a can of drama worms by asking them to stop being annoying?

Once (sometimes twice) a week, this girl I went to high school and college with (we were good friends in high school, didn't talk much in college) sends me an event request for whatever event the bar she works at is doing. At first I didn't really care about it, but over the past few months it has gotten steadily more annoying (especially since her bar is a place I would probably never willingly go to, so the events aren't useful to me).

Oh, TQC, what should I do? I haven't spoken to her in four years, so I'm not exactly losing sleep over losing her friendship. On the one hand I don't want to be rude and unfriend her without telling her why because of our past history (and she's a really nice girl at that). On the other hand I feel like the potential drama from having the first thing I've said to her in years be "dude, stop sending me notices about your shitty events" is just not worth it.

And if you don't care, anyone seeing Watchmen at midnight?
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