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Holiday dramas

What do you think are reasonable costs for an airline to cover for bags going missing for 48 hours while you're in a non-home city?

Do you think it's possible to use misplaced baggage as leverage for getting a better seat in the connecting flight?

I'm at the first stop of what's going to be a 7 week holiday, I've flown domestically from Brisbane to Sydney and the next time I fly is Wednesday night when I head off to LA. I get off the plane and wait patiently at the carousel for 35 minutes only to discover that my bag just isn't coming.

I lodge a claim at the desk, get told that they'll call me when they find it and that it will be delivered to the address I'm staying at. 4pm the next day I still haven't heard from them. I call and get told, "oh, your bags are on their way into Sydney now and will be delivered late this evening, we'll call you before we leave to confirm." Super.

10:30pm rolls by and no call. I call again and get told that the previous consultant must have been confused, my bags still haven't been found. After being put on hold THREE MILLION TIMES, they determine that they're probably at the Los Angeles airport and I'll have to pick them up when I get there. Then they change their mind and say they might still be in Brisbane, or they could be at Sydney International by mistake. She promises to look into it herself during her shift tomorrow and to expect a call at about 3pm.

The lady on the other end of the phone told me that I can go an pick up some essentials and they'll reimburse me for the cost because this is their fault. She specifically said not to buy anything too unreasonably priced, because the airline might not cover it.

So, in light of this I went off to a supermarket tonight and picked up a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, cold and flu tablets and a change of underwear (thankfully they're Bonds, not some scary supermarket brand), all of which I had in my luggage. The total was $42.

I'm wearing trackies, a light shirt and a pair of thongs (flip-flops, not the underwear) and have nothing else to wear. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to a clothes store and buy a pair of jeans and a shirt and another bra.

How much is too much? What would be a reasonable cost for my total expenses?

Sorry for the ramble, I'm crazy-angry about this right now.

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