pqowlaks (pqowlaks) wrote in thequestionclub,

for those of you (all two of you) who were interested in how my *internet first date* went....... he was super cute and it was GREAT and i cannot wait to hit that shit. oh and he didnt smell bad and i didnt notice any majors teeth problems. the only thing was he had a really dorky voice....... like he should do voice overs for nerds in cartoons or something, and he kind of had a lisp and talked a little like a deaf person.

anyway, i have a question so wev

WHO IS BETTER IN BED IN GENERAL: super hot people who know theyre hot or super/sort of dorky people who dont think theyre all that???

(my answer: the latter. every time.)

what a poorly worded question, but you know what i mean so fuck

im horny
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