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Inspired by this post today, I realized I hadn't ever tried any alchololic drinks on purpose. For the sake of "been there, done that" I went to the liquor store around the corner and bought a Strawberry Daiquiri. It was the first thing I recognized. Eventually I'll work my way up to grog. Arr. Anyway.

Other things you may have to know:

- Bacardi Breezer
- Rum Beverage
- 330 mL (11 oz)
- 5% alc.

So, my question is - for someone who has had less than a drop of alcohol in her life, how much of this would I have to drink to feel the effects? I don't want to get drunk... just buzzed? Is that right? I really don't know anything at all.

Feel free to point and laugh, as long as you're being helpful while you mock. :)
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