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Cry Me a River

So, last night/early this morning I caught SLC Punk! again on IFC and of course, watched it and loved it as much as I always do. I've thought about it before, but it always strikes me so hard that I think about it everytime I see it. The scene where Steve-O finds Bob dead always makes me weepy and feel like someone's punched me in the gut. I think it's because if I found one of my friends dead, it's pretty much exactly how I'd act. Hell, I was pretty close to that when my friend died and I already knew that he was a goner, so I can only imagine how much more intense it would be if I found them (especially if they were my best friend)! I mean, yeah, it's a death scene but I don't cry at every on film death I see.

So here it is - which scenes in movies are so close to your heart that no matter how much you see them, it still strikes you like a fresh wound every time?

Some of my others also include approximatly one third to one half of The Crow, the part in Donnie Darko where he saves Gretchen (also Gary Jules version of Mad World makes me a little teary eyed), the breakup in Chasing Amy and while I don't cry at the Nighmare Before Christmas, I always feel so bad for Jack's misguided intenions going ary because who hasn't been really excited about something only to have it all fall apart in your face and make you feel like a big(ger) fool?
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