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An additional four today ;-)

1. Why do so many people assume that if a guy likes musical theater, opera, classical music, etc, he must be gay?
2. Are there any specific stereotypes that really, really irk you?
3. Are there any work-friendly websites to waste time on that do not require any sort of flash media?
4. Girly-ish question: Is 19 a too early of an age to begin moisturizing one's face, specifically to avoid wrinkles?
5. Has anyone ever purposefully spoiled a book or a movie for you?
6. If you drink bottled water, what 'brand' do you drink?
7. Do you prefer wearing tennis shoes or sandals?
8. What was your worst subject/class in school (any level of education)?
9. Has anyone ever told you that one or any number of your questions was stupid?
10. Do you have an odd fear of something (i.e. getting your hair cut, swallowing pills, etc.)?
11. Is there anything that you can't eat during a certain time of the day because it will make you feel sick?

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