L (linkaesthetic) wrote in thequestionclub,

I hope this counts...

I can't seem to get my laptop to connect to the wireless internet all of a sudden. One day it was working fine and, to my knowledge, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Then the next, it's unable to connect. I've fiddled with it a bit - tried repairing the connection, restarting the computer, misc things that have been suggested on other websites - all to no avail. The wireless connection is there and available, with strong signal quality. However, it simply will not connect. Running the troubleshoot tells me there are no problems.

So, here is my question: How do I fix this?

And, go easy on me, please. I am a tad stupid with computers and I am very unfamiliar with technical terms, abreviations, etc. Just thought I'd through that out there... any help would be wonderful. Thanks.
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