alaskanigloon (alaskanigloon) wrote in thequestionclub,

Well, I just got into an argument with my mother, about my sisters.
She has been taking them over to her boss's house (also a friend of hers, and gay. This comes into play later.) I go over there to pick them up, after coming home from my soccer game. I knock and walk in the screen door and say, "Hi, I am here to pick up my sisters," and then introduced myself to the two people that were right near the door. One sister doesn't want to leave, and goes to get my mother. My mom says that I "embarrased her in front of her friends." My mother's boss comes over and says, "It's innocent," to which I said, "what do you mean?"
Anyways... to make a long story short, he and my mother got mad at me because I came to pick up my sisters because they have a race tomorrow 2 hours away, so they have to be up early. It seems that he and my mother both think that I have a problem with him because he is gay, which I don't. Honestly, I could care less, although I do think that he is bi. The thing that I have a problem with, and I told him and my mother this, is that he smokes heavily and drinks heavily when my sisters are around. Picture this: small 1 bedroom house (less than 1000sq feet in all) and 5 smokers, all chainsmoking. Needless to say, there was a cloud of smoke inside so think that it blurred the people on the other side of the room 10 feet away.

So, onto the question. How do I get her to understand that I could care less about her probably having an affair with the guy, care less that she wants to hang out with her friends, care less that she is probably smoking pot, care less that her friends smoke, and drink (as long as it's not around my sisters that is)?

Another problem that I am having is that she always, always told me to call home if I went to a party and there was smoking or drinking there. Then she takes them over to where there is smoking and drinking, both in extremes? How does she see this as fair?
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