excutter (excutter) wrote in thequestionclub,

So this guy asked me to go to a party. We work together and he has asked me out several times, and I've said no. So he's like, 'okay, let's just be friends'. Okay. So we've hung out once, and now he invited me to a party and I agreed to go. However, the last few days he's been really weird towards me and very unfriendly. So I figured he'd maybe decided he didn't want waste time with me anymore, or something, which was fine. So i figured I wasn't going to his party.

However, he just texted me and said, "when are you planning on coming out tonight?"

Now I'm really tired. I am going on four hours of sleep and working until 8 and looking forward to going home and doing absolutely nothing. What do I say to this guy?
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