Georgia (becomingun) wrote in thequestionclub,

A friend and I are planning to get a pet when we move in together. We've got it down to two rats or a single ferret. Guinea pigs were eliminated because of the churring.

A ferret costs $249 plus other stuff, while we can get pet rats from a local breeder for $5 each plus other stuff. That's really the only BIG issue either of us has, I worry that a ferret is too expensive. We've sorted out things like custody(I'll be keeping the animal after we graduate) and care, but we have until at least May to decide what we want.

But now my questions are:

Have you ever owned a rat(s) or a ferret?
Pros/cons to EITHER of these pets?
Surprising things you learned after acquiring either of these pets?
Tips for first-time owners of these pets?
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