Caitlin (kiffany) wrote in thequestionclub,

This may be the wrong community in which to ask this. But I'm reading Twilight at the moment (mostly for the lulz and to see what everyone's talking about, not because it's the ~literature of my life~ or anything) and I'm just wondering why it is that Edward is so damn possessive over Bella? Like, is it part of him being a vampire? Is it explained later on? Have I missed something? And why doesn't Bella ever think to herself, 'Jeez, this weird kid I go to school with just told me he hunts wildcats with his teeth - maybe I should not hang out with him anymore'?

If you haven't read or seen Twilight, can you recommend to me a book that I'd be better off spending my time reading? (Preferably a before-bed book, so I'd rather not read Stephen King or anything scary/upsetting.)
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