Víðr (vidr) wrote in thequestionclub,


1. Is it really okay to take towels from a hotel room? Why? Is anything else in the room fair game to claim? I'll be staying in a Holiday Inn, if that makes a difference. I'm not greedy or anything, but free stuff is always cool.

2. How does one go about selecting a new doctor? I'm moving out of state and won't have anybody (friends or family) to ask for a referal. Usually to go to a new specialist, I got a referral from my primary doctor, but how do you pick one of those in the first place? Flipping through the yellow pages and making an appointment with a random one doesn't sound quite right.

3. Are there any banks or credit unions that have branches all over the US? I tried Bank of America, but they don't have any branches near where I'm moving (Richmond, Indiana). I travel a lot and don't carry cash ever. I'd like to bank at a place that can be found just about anywhere, if there is such a thing.

ps: sorry about my stupidity.
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