Ila O'God (fuzzyila) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ila O'God

What kind of person do you imagine when you first think of "president of a corporation"?

Without reading my journal, how old do you think I am? (The person with the correct answer gets 500 Question Club bonus points!)

What should I make for supper tonight? (Most outrageous answer gets 1500 Question Club bonus points!)

*EDIT* my answers

I used to think of a middle-aged white man in a business suit, wearing too much cologne and a Rolex.
But I had to change that impression when I became one, because obviously, I'm not a middle-aged man in a business suit....
Really though, I don't think I'm that stuffy...:(

righteousbean won the 500 points.

Whoever said "monkey heads with chocolate stuffing" wins the 1500 points!

You can redeem your points for...nothing! Yay!
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