C'est moi, vraiment. (vraiment) wrote in thequestionclub,
C'est moi, vraiment.

What to do with troublesome eyeliner

I bought eyeshadow the other day and the particular store had a "get a free eyeliner!" deal. Eyeliner isn't really my deal, but I wasn't going to pass up free stuff. After looking at the options and realizing I didn't want anything too dark and drastic (I'm an extremely fair-skinned blonde with blue-grey eyes), I went with this eyeliner, in Starlighting, which is a silvery color.

It comes out fine if I just draw it with some pressure across the back of my hand, but I can't get it to come out at all on my eyelids. I slide it along and it leaves nothing, just looking like my eye-skin is pulled by the tip. I've read some tutorials, but nothing seems to troubleshoot not getting color from the pencil. It feels like it just tugs along my skin, but no color catches. Anyone have some knowledge for me? Should I not have gone with the silver color? If not, is there anything else I could do with silver eyeliner? :P
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