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For fuck's sake, it's just whipping cream...

Okay, I'll try to keep this short. My mom made two pumpkin pies but we don't have any cool whip spray stuff to put on top, which is something I find necessary to eat this type of pie. So my dad just went to the store and instead of getting the proper stuff, he bought two half-pints of pasteurized heavy cream (definitely not the sugary, sweet stuff you spray on top of a piece of good pumpkin pie). Now my parents are fighting and stuff because the store is closed now (we live in Egypt, we shop at a commissary, blah blah blah) and I feel responsible (even though it's no where near my fault). there a recipe for cool whip that calls for heavy cream? Does anyone know of a recipe for whipping cream? Does anyone else live with parents that you sometimes wish would just get it up and divorce already? I know I sound callous, but GOD...


You guys are awesome! Thanks for the tips :-) So the whipping cream was answered, but people can still answer the bolded question if you'd like (or keep giving me recipes, if you want...I love collecting recipes). Again, thanks!
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