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Terrorism and Personal Experience

Several parts to this.

1. Have you ever experienced a terrorist attack? (i.e, you were in the World Trade Center on September 11, you were in one of the subways that had an explosion today, etc.) Which one?

2. Have you ever witnessed a terrorist attack? (i.e, you were in New York/Washington on September 11, you were in downtown London today, etc.) Which one?

3. Has a person close to you been personally affected by a terrorist attack? (that is, they experienced one) Which one?

and the one I'm most curious about.....

4. Have you ever been to a place that had, at some point after you left the place, been subject to a terrorist attack? (i.e, you'd visited New York prior to September 11, you visited London prior to today, you visited Madrid prior to March 2004, etc.) How long afterwards was the terrorist attack? Did having been to the place that was affected make it affect you more?

1. No.
2. No.
3. No.
4. I was in London just last week. That made the attacks today very real to me, since I knew the places they were talking about, and indeed, had been in most of them at some point during the time I was in London. It's particularly chilling, since I realize that I could have been in central London today, but for the fact that I went against most medical advice I received (including some from this community) and kept my flight reservations and flew home to Canada while ill with the flu. Sure, I have an ear infection now, but compared to what could have happened had I postponed my return a week.... I knew there was a reason why I was intent on getting home right then.... kinda eerie.
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