Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

If spiderman were written today, do you think it would have gotten as big as it did? or would most people have cried foul with the radioactive spider bite having so many effects?
(Or, yanno, any B horror movies- "Squirrelman Eats New York!"- in which a radioactive animal or sludge pile or something is a critical plot point)
Or are people still that squeamish about nuclear-ness?

Actually, in the original comics, he shot web from little canisters strapped to his arms, correct? not actually from himself? so what did the spider actually change about him?

AND: when best buy has those specials... like, every week, some sort of package deal computer that isn't top of the line but is still pretty okay, and comes with everything, and you'll save a couple hundred dollars when you send in the rebates...
is it generally possible to make upgrades? Say... from a CRT to a flat panel?
(okay, I meant with the same package deal discount thing going. like supersizing at mcdonalds or something. I don't know.)
Tags: computers, hypothetical
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