(CLU) (desirsar) wrote in thequestionclub,

Since it begs the question...

Recent posts in various places make me think of this.

Some states have laws stating that sexual consent cannot be given while drunk, so getting someone drunk to lower their inhibition and having sex with them is rape.

If you get drunk and kill someone, either with a vehicle or some other method, you are criminally liable.

Does this seem like a double standard to anyone else?

It makes me think of another question, I guess... For those of you who know the law in your state, if both parties are drunk, can either of them still be charged with rape? (Or both?)

Edit - The first question assumes that in both examples, people are getting drunk by their own choice. "Getting someone drunk" can include keeping buying them drinks without forcing them down their throat, which I imagine is the most common occurance when someone is charged under the law, but the rape laws do not make this distinction - even if you randomly find a drunk girl at a bar, you can still be charged.
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