Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

My computer just started up in like "Do you want to start your computer in Safe mode? Normal mode with these modifiers? Normally? these other options?" And when I said normally, it asked me what available OS i wanted to use (i... only have one available, Win XP home...)

I shut it down just fine, I've never had it do that before. wht was up?

And, looking at the tags, what would one have to do to get tagged with "I'm too stupid to follow the rules"?

new question: In the sleeping quarters, when I went in, there were two guys in a bunk bed. the guy on the top bunk was sharing his bed with a rather large box, making the bed too short for him. The guy on the bottom bunk has no blankets... or pillows... or a mattress. he's sleeping directly on the sheet of springs/metal strips.
Most uncomfortable place you've slept?
Tags: computers
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