Avery W. Krouse (averypenguin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Avery W. Krouse

Life Improvement

Hiya all. Here are a few questions are you.

I am going to go on a Life Improvement crusade this coming semester. Goals (and relevant questions) include:

1. Weight-Loss. I desire to go from my current weight, 235-240, to below 200 lbs. My ideal goal would be 180. I would like to see me at this weight by May of next year. Is this goal realistic? Have you ever had a highly successful run with weight-loss? What did you do? I will be primarily utilizing the campus gym and pool as my means of exercise. What types of exercises did you find most effective to lose weight? What types of diet alteration did you find most effective? Have you used any form of OTC diet pills (yes, I am fully aware that you can't lose weight through a pill, but with a diet and exercise routine, they may help)?

2. Education. I would like to make sure I actually, successfully complete this school year, with no withdrawals, and no grade less than a C. What do you do to make sure you get to class on time? What do you do to keep yourself motivated? Anyone ever made a dramatic recovery from a near-academic-failure? How did you do it?

3. Image. Along with the weight-loss, I would like to improve my image. My motivation is purely self-interested, as I have no real reason to want to do this other than to just make myself look better to others. This is just a matter of choosing better clothes and styles, styling myself better, and maintaining hygeine and so forth. What recommendations could you make for a guy who knows absolutely nothing about fashion? Clothing selection, hair styling, fragrances, etc?

4. Spirituality. I would like to build my level of spirituality back up to a satisfying level. I am a non-denominational (but Pentecostal leaning) Christian, but anyone can answer most of these questions. How do you get closer to your deity? What activities or practices do you find increase your spirituality? How do you motivate yourself to study your religous materials (i.e. the Bible, for me)? Do you keep a prayer journal? What do you write in it?

5. Support. I would like to build a support system of individuals who can help me acheive these goals. Who gives you your support? How do they do it?

One generic idea I have is to design and post beaucoup de signs all over my room, bathroom, etc. that remind me of my goals, remind me of the things I need to do each day, and motivate me to get them done. I'm going to keep a calendar on one wall that will track the bi-weekly weigh-ins, list my goals for the month (I've guesstimated 7 lbs a month), etc. What do you think about a Life Improvement LJ? Something where I could keep a seperate journal to track how I am doing, and have people friend it and use it for positive reinforcement?

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