k (agentrayevyn) wrote in thequestionclub,

during a disaster

When the power goes out, what happens to the power coming from the power plant? Do the generators keep running and sending power over the lines even though they're down, so all that power they produce is wasted because it essentially "leaks" out of those downed lines?

Why, even when the power is out, do the phones still work? I've heard that the phone company sends their own power over the lines, but when all the power goes out in an area (think hurricane), do the phones go out too? Or do the phones go out because of distinct physical problems with the phone lines?

How about water? Are there water pumps that keep the water moving through the water lines? When the power goes out, does the pressure in the lines keep the water moving until it loses pressure and no more water can be moved?

How come the TV stations always have power in hurricanes? Are they on super duper backup generators? Most of the radio stations around here go down when we lose power.

Childish, inquiring, tired minds want to know.
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