_wshyouwerehere (_wshyouwerehere) wrote in thequestionclub,

warning: my spelling sucks.
This was something I was thinking about while watching "Real World Road Rules Inferno II"

MTV shows anti-bullying commercials, show clips about people talking about being bullied and how it changed them, how it made them self consious, and how it isn't cool, but then on the Inferno show, they clearly let Rachel/ Veronica/Tina bully Tonya so baddly, it was seriousaly sad. I was just thinking to myself how mean those girls were, and how manupliative they were of her, and made her feel like such crap all the time and would just laugh it off and how everyone let it go on. Don't you think MTV could've done something about that? I mean that's a fine example of what bullies do, in groups. But when they were alone they'd actually talk to her.

It made me feel bad for her.
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