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Passion and Change

Two somewhat more serious minded questions today.

1. I seem to have lost my passion and zest for doing things. It's been a gradual process over three years, and I've tried to rekindle interests, but to no avail. In high school, I was involved in lots of clubs, activities and doing things, both at school and at home. Since coming to university, outside of school and work, I just hang out on the Internet and mindlessly play games or refresh my friends page, always meaning to do something productive, but not actually getting to it. A different kind of procrastination, if you will. I desperately want to get back into things that I've always been into - sewing, art, etc. - but can't seem to motivate up the effort to do so, or I do, but only for a brief moment and then go back to mind-numbing computer stuff. I can't turn my computer off - I do need it for things and communications in moderation - but ideas on how to reignite my spark. How do I reignite my passions and spark?

2. Have you ever questioned everything you believed in and held dear? What were the circumstances leading up to it? How did you feel? What was the end result? If you were previously very active in what it was you believed in, and happened to change your beliefs, how did others respond?
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