rachel dangerfield (superberry) wrote in thequestionclub,
rachel dangerfield

money money money

How much do you (standardly) tip your servers at a restaurant?
10%? 15? 20? Otherrr?
Do you tip more if the service is exceptional?
Do you put money in tip jars at places like Subway or pick-up places with walk-up counters?

I know it varies according to geography and culture so feel free to mention where y'all live.

Personally, I live in California and tip 15% standardly. 20% for good service. (Both percentages are easy to calculate, lulz.) I'd have to be pretty let down to tip any less.
I drop dolla billz into the tip jar when I can, especially at my favorite pizza place where they cook it all fresh and bring it to your table. Mmmmmm. Also they've got yummy chocolate gelato.
I am almost offended when I'm with someone who tips terribly, and if I know my dining companion well I'll try to supplement if I have any cash handy. Thankfully the friend I have who doesn't believe in tips doesn't fight me on leaving them myself.
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