k (agentrayevyn) wrote in thequestionclub,

a bunch of random questions (but I really need answers!)

1. What are your thoughts on Live 8 (the concerts/what was broadcasted/the performances themselves)? Any highlights, anything you could have done without, anything you wish you'd seen?

2a. How many of us are Mac users?

2b. What LJ client do you use if you use Mac? I had xJournal before my hard drive crashed and I've been meaning to download another, but I thought I'd ask around first.

3a. Does anybody here live in or around Houston? I live in Louisiana and I'm going to the Woodlands in two weeks, but we're trying to avoid having to take I-10 through Beaumont (so much road construction!). We're thinking about taking state highways and the two routes I've pulled up so far are ones that take us on 190 to Huntsville then down I-45 to the Woodlands, and the other takes me in on 59 down to FM 1960 and up I-45 from there. Any words of advice, anybody? I need to hit up the txdot website again to check road construction, but does anybody have any route suggestions?

3b. Can anybody point me in the direction of some good map building sites? Mapquest isn't cutting it. I've heard of citysearch.com and google maps, is there anything else out there?

4. For the college students: Do you order your books online or buy them in the bookstore? If you do it online, how do you get a list of your books beforehand -- do you go to the bookstore and write down the ISBNs or is there a list of textbooks online for your school's classes?

5. Is anyone else disappointed that there was a race on NBC last night in place of SNL?
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