ms_babygirl (ms_babygirl) wrote in thequestionclub,

Personal Trainers

So, like a lot of you may know, in the past 6 months I've lost over 70 lbs on my own just by eating better foods and adding exercise in for the past 3 months. I've been kinda stuck lately and I need someone to help me work out better. I want to lose another 40 and to be more toned. Basically I've just been doing cardio (swimming, elliptical and treadmill) because I don't know how to do toning well and I don't have good equipment for it.  Thus I've decided to get a personal trainer. I met with one today at a place called Fitness Together. I LOVED it, however, it's $2,660 for 50 sessions. I can also use their elliptical and treadmill whenever I want (but don't need because I have my own). 

What I want is a personal trainer I can meet 2 times a week, but not having to sell my first born to afford. Does anyone have any experience with a personal trainer from a chain workout facility? I am checking out ballys tomorrow, anyone have experience with them? Do you know how much a personal trainer is there? Any other advice or personal trainer experience?

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