Liv (0livia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do you understand, from reading these assignment instructions, what in God's name I'm supposed to do for my homework assignment?

I've read the instructions twenty times and I have no idea! If you get it, can you give me a few examples of "specific software sectors" so that I know what it is and can pick my topic?

Week 3 – Report: Software Technology Profile (3 - 5 pages)

Based on an technological area of interest, select and profile a specific software sector, as a lead-in and basis of your mid-term project. Selection guidelines include:
• a local IT product or services organization that you currently work (or would like to work) in.
• a local IT product or services organization that a friend or family member works in.
• a specific industrial software sector, such as accounting, human resources, or healthcare
• a specific software technology sector, such as mobile networks, databases or process control

Write a brief report (2-3 pages) that profiles your chosen technology area of interest, including your rationale for selection. List at least five related information sources (websites, publications, journals) that contain current information on your selected technology. Identify at least three related professional associations or user groups, one of which conducts local meetings that you can attend before the midterm (plan ahead!).

Evaluation is based on the quality of your selection rationale, the information resources cited and the degree of focus. Avoid being too general. Information technology is highly specialized, so the narrower the focus, the better!

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