Womb (kill_inhibition) wrote in thequestionclub,

Months ago I had been talking with a friend about moving in with him in his roommate.
The one (not your friend, but who owns the house) is going to travel the country for a while and leaves in the middle of the month and wants to know if I'd want to move into her room to help pay rent while she's gone. The two of you talk about rent and bills and agree. A half rent doesn't come up at all.

You're currently living somewhere else and have to pay full months rent even if you leave early, which you do.

Suddenly after living there for 2 months she's calling angrily and harassing my roommate to tell me to deposit the "half rent" that was never agreed upon and also says she's coming back a month early because she and her boyfriend ran out of money and claimed bankruptcy on the boyfriends house.

Now I'm paying half rent (when I can't work and don't have extra money at all) that was never discussed or she's cutting off the phone and interewebz which happened already because she "forgot to pay it".  On top of that I have to find a new place to live during the month I'm giving birth! 

If this was you how would you approach her when she got back?
Would you be very angry?
Can she actually charge me for it if she never mentioned it until she was out of money 2 months later? I wouldn't have left my other place sooner if I knew she wanted me to pay the extra because I can't afford it.
I want to leave already but I know that in turn would screw over our roommate who is my friend! 

I feel royally screwed over. She was leaving mid-month anyway and told me to "just move on in" since she was headed out. No half rent mentioned at all...not even when I asked specifically about monthly rent and "if that's it".
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