Ashley (lupinlover) wrote in thequestionclub,

do you think dogs can see ghosts?

I don't believe in ghosts. But we've always heard weird noises in my house. Tonight all three of us heard a similar rapid set of knocks, and we all checked various doors-- my mom thought it was the cat pounding against her door, but the cat was already in her room. My sister opened her door to figure out where the knock came from. Meanwhile at the same time I was downstairs, and I checked the front and back door to see if anyone was there. So we all heard this knocking. Anyway now everyone else is sleeping and I'm in the living room and I heard some weird noises again, and then my dog just started barking, at nothing. Anyway, that is the back story to my question. I'm going to try to sneak up into the safety of my room. I don't even believe in ghosts. ugh!
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