Musicchef (musicchef) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ex Girlfriend Extraction... HELP !!!

Does anyone here who happens to live in Nevada know the best way to evict a roommate out of your apartment ? She hasn't paid rent in 3 months and I've already been told by the local police here that I can't just put her stuff out or boot her out. I'm the primary lease holder and she is on the lease as an "occupant" She has been suspended from her job and has not worked in 2 weeks. I'm as mad as hell right now, so if anyone has any constructive advice, I'd love to hear it... BTW, she moved 3 cats into here while I was gone for two months on business and didn't pay the pet deposit. The complex said that if I remove the cats, it's considered "larceny" and I can be arrested... The next sound you will hear is my head exploding...
Tags: advice
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