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Hope no one asked this when I wasn't looking

In light of the recent icon related post I was wondering if anyone would like to share/explain one or more of their icons? I do it in my journal every now and then for fun, of course I then end up changing them like the day after... but oh well.

My gratutious self image icon, 'cause damnit everyone should have at least one. *L* After my last costume I'm probably going to have two. ^_^ That's me as Mana and my friend Kitty as Yuki (both Japanese rockstars) and if it helps to know, Yuki's a horny little bastard while Mana never speaks/shows emotion/etc.

This one is probably the most confusing, and not really my favorite but I keep using it for some reason. The scenes are from the movie Battle Royale, in which ninth graders are thrown on an island and forced to kill each other until one remains. The text (We will kill each other) is from the book, and they're all forced to write that repeatedly in the beginning.

If you've ever played the original Silent Hill you'll understand. *L* It seems to be that "Huh? Radio? What's going on with that radio?" is the most famous line from that game, so damnit I actually made an icon out of a part that WASN'T one of the cinematic sequences. ::bounces::

I have more but I don't wanna abuse the use of the LJ-cut *L*
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