Casey (caseypuffy) wrote in thequestionclub,

What do I do?

My bf and I currently live with one of his mates who seems incapable of keeping the house tidy or sanitary. I normally clean up after my bf and I which I don't mind and leave the other guy's crap everywhere. Our friends know the score so when they come over and there's old food around it's not an issue. They know this other guy is a pig.

Having said that one of my bfs work mates and his gf are coming over tonight. This guys is pretty far up in the company and the house needs to look good. I don't want to clean up because it's been a battle of wills and the other guy has been leaving things get so gross to push me. If I clean up his shit he will have won. Hell he's made comments to the effect of 'oh you'll have to clean up now'...

The bf and I are also looking for new places to rent. I's hell because we have complete oposite work hours (him day me night) and both getting to a place to view it/apply is hell.
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