blackpete101 (blackpete101) wrote in thequestionclub,

Batshit Folks

Hey TQC I got a few questions for you but first, back story. I'm 20 years old I've always had trouble with my folks, dad ignored me when I was young up until about the age 13-14. My mother "gave up on me" after I was too unbarable through out my middleschool and early highschool years. Probably which stemmed from the fact that I started drinking at teh age of 12 (unknown to them, and since then quit after about 4 years, but none the less). I've been yelled at every day of my life making quiting the drinking REALLY difficult. no matter what I do I am berated and made to feel like a failure and a distapoinment. I finally have decided to move out and in with my gf, only problem is, is that tehy are OVERLY religious. I gave up on that years ago (about age 10).

I haven't told them I'm moving out, what is your advice for telling them, with out much crap going down. What are your parental batshit stories to help cheer me up? thanks a bunch
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