vintagegirl (vintagegirlnh) wrote in thequestionclub,

What's a creepy thing that one of your older family members has done?

My aunt, who was like 40 at the time, stole my ex's 19 year old sister's picture off of my computer and pretended that it was herself. My ex's sister is very, very attractive in a stereotypical blonde/big boobed way. She had cyber-sex and then phone sex with some guy while claiming she was her. It really creeped me out. Bitch went off the deep end shortly thereafter.

I just watched Dr. Phil and that Millionaire dating club lady was on. She instructed one of the women who was on the show to downplay her success in business. This woman owned her own modeling agency and the dating expert told her to tell men that "I'm in the modeling industry" instead of "I own my own modeling agency" on the first date. WTF TQC? That annoyed me. She said it would intimidate men to talk about your business/financial success. What do you think TQC? Is that a good idea or a bad idea? TQCers, would you be intimidated if a person you were romantically interested in told you about their success and didn't sugar coat it on the first date?
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