Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Inspired by the road sign question:
best road trip story, either of yours or one you heard?

The college radio station here does this 2-day long scavenger hunt type thing every year. last year included one each a/b/c size bras, 10 strings of mardi-gras beads, the name of a basketball player who was nicknamed "the pope" and had recently had a tracheotomy(that was evil)... building snowmen in your boxers... and, at one point, being at a specific place at a certain time. the team at my house misinterpreted the clue, and were headed to a certain place in Dubuque (IA). then they realised that no, they actually needed to be in some small town in Wisconsin. dammit. off they drive.
turns out this small town in wisconsin is in a chain of small towns on the same two way highway- so as soon as you have your car going a decent speed, you have to slow down and drive through some gas station/post office/two houses town.
They realised they were never going to make it in time, and turned around.
And ended up very lost. They saw a sign that said Dubuque, so and so many miles. yay. after following this sign for a long time they finally see a familiar site:


The guys said fuck it, parked the car, and pissed on the sign.

Also. about the roommate thing. she woke up a little, kinda waved at me, I waved back. the boy never really did wake up other than sleepily looking at his watch and rolling over and kissing the side of her head(I don't think he even saw me). I left a note on my computer to please pick up the condom wrappers before I got home from work.
She's not back yet- probably off doing roleplay stuff- but I feel like there's *something* i should say when she gets back. not in a "don't do that" or "don't leave condom wrappers about" way, more like "hey... you and this guy... and your boyfriend... what's up?" kinda way.
What do i say?
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